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What Does Marketing Look Like Online?


These days, it’s important for your potential clients to know who you are. People hire those they know and those they trust. Though networking and being present in your community is a great way to build your reputation through personal relationships, it’s difficult to bring those guerrilla marketing tactics with you online. That’s one of the reasons my law firm created a brand video, and I suggest you do the same!


It doesn’t have to be a professional video with explosions and drones (actually, I would leave explosions out of it whether they’re professional or not). But rather, they could be videos you take on your phone in your office as you talk about what led you to become an attorney and do the work you do. They could be interviews with you and your clients about that client’s story and their testimonial for your firm. They could also be your team talking about you and your leadership, and how great and fulfilling it is to do the work you do.


I’m not usually one to delay actions, but in this regard, I encourage you to take time to really think your story through. If you read about your life and your business in a news article, what would really move you the most? What has been the thread that ties your personal history and your specialty together? It’s not all about the money! Money is important and providing for your family is too, but there’s much more to you and your firm than the money. Take some time to write that down. Ask questions of your staff and your past clients about why they enjoy their work and why they chose your law firm. (If there’s criticism, don’t take it personally. You can grow from all feedback and your humility will glorify God.)


If you take time to do that this week, I think it will not only give you content for a brand video, but will also give you a refreshing sense of purpose.


Do you already have a brand video? If so, we’d love to see it! Leave a link in the comments and let us know what you loved about it and what you would do differently.