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A Thankful Heart

I’m happy today, and I want you to catch all of the same happiness.

As you face your life today, are you discouraged? Are you worried? Do you feel anxious and fearful when you see the problems you face? Well, if you do, I want you to have, instead, joy. I want you to have peace of mind. I want you to have a confident expectation that your life will turn out well, in spite of what you face and what I face.

So, is there a key, is there a secret available to born-again sincere Christians that will give you happiness, joy, confidence, even in tribulation, even in tough times?

 Yes, there is, and it’s called a thankful heart.


I know what you might be saying to me, you might say: “Moseley, you don’t know my life, it’s filled with problems, I may lose my job.” Or, you might say: “My husband and I, we’re not happily married anymore.” Or, you might say: “I have a bad illness, or a bad financial problem.” You might say to me: “Moseley, I’m facing a lot of big battles.”

But what I wanna tell you is: you can have joy, you can have confidence, even when you’re facing difficult times. And how is that possible? By cultivating a thankful heart, a thankful attitude. The other day, I sat down to write down great victories god has given me in the past so I can be thankful for the past, and confident for the future.

I wrote down fifty things, big things: it included saving my son’s life when eight years ago he fell off of a tree.

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